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Translate to Chinese: why is it unavoidable?

China, with 1.386 billion inhabitants, is one of the world's largest markets. For many companies, it is therefore very interesting to address the Chinese market, but the language barrier is often a major obstacle. It is therefore essential to carry out the translation of its documents and its website to challenge Chinese market players. The agencies Alphatrad, ViaVerbia and Traducta, Optilingua International group, accompany you in all your translations from French, and many other languages, to Chinese.

The Chinese market: one of the largest in the world

The translation of its website into Chinese is a fundamental step to reach billions of Internet users in the country. Indeed, a prospect will be much more likely to read translated content in their native language than in any other language. This represents a real guarantee of quality and guarantees high visibility, but also a great legitimacy to a company, which will be able to distinguish itself better against the competitors of its sector.

The challenges of translating into Chinese

The Chinese translation is very complex and requires the use of professionals with a perfect command of the language.

Besides, China has many dialects, which vary according to the region, and the two best known are Mandarin and Cantonese. Besides, the language is ideographic and contains nearly 50,000 characters, each of which represents a concept and not a sound. These elements make the translation of Chinese texts very subtle and delicate. China also has many cultural diversities, and translating documents to a Chinese audience requires knowledge of the local culture. Besides, the form of writing will vary depending on the region: some areas of the country favor a simplified form of writing, and others a more traditional form of writing.

Translation to Chinese for expatriation in China

The agencies Alphatrad, Viaverbia and Traducta, Optilingua International group, offer translation services to Chinese from a multitude of languages ​​(French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese ...), and vice versa.

European leader in translation for nearly 40 years, the group has more than 5,000 translators, among whom are very competent professionals, able to provide you with quality translations, which combine precision and respect for the intention expressed in the text original. Professionals, who all translate into their native language, are also able to adapt to the target market.

Optilingua International's agencies will assist you with the Chinese translation of your website, legal documents, and other specialized translations.

And if you are preparing for an expatriation in China, the group's translators are able to carry out the certified translation of all your official documents, such as an extract of a criminal record, identity documents, proof or various attestations, including the Chinese translation is required to apply for a visa, work or study in China, open a bank account in the country, or obtain a Chinese driving license. Agencies of the Optilingua International group can also take over the translation of your CV, cover letter or letter of recommendation to or from Chinese. These professionals can also support transcription, dubbing, and subtitling of all your Chinese audio documents.