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Biberated to expatriation, how did it shape their lives?

Being a child of expatriates finally returns to embark on an adventure in which one can not control anything, that it is the destination or the duration. Little adventurers, however, have a much greater capacity of adaptation than their elders and the testimonies we have collected prove that expatriation, although experienced, can become a rewarding and transformative experience.

An opening into the world

To spend your childhood abroad is above all to acquire a certain openness, to have a different view of the world and to understand cultural differences more easily. "I left France with my parents a long time ago for what was then called Indochina. I was 5 years old. After that was Morocco until the age of 12 years. This experience totally changed my life. I think that I have acquired forever what we call "open-mindedness", an ability to integrate everywhere, a fraternal and not frightening look at what is different. I remember that nothing surprised me, neither landscapes nor people. I was at school with the children of the country and for me, it was only natural. Marie tells us today in Portugal.

For Lara, a former expatriate in Africa, and now resident in Cambodia: "As an expatriate son, it gave me a taste of discoveries and being sociable with the local people. "

Louis, who has followed his parents in Indonesia and Thailand, confirms: "My years in expatriation have given me, I think, a lot of curiosity and open-mindedness. I adapt very quickly and am, according to my colleagues, very good with different cultures. "

Bérengère lived in Gabon, Morocco, Algeria, and Egypt: "What brought me this life is a carefree childhood, but in contact with misery. The mix of people, whether by religion or origin. I was able to meet people from all over the world. It also taught me to appreciate what I have and not to complain about a yes or a no, because having seen poor countries and people working for almost nothing, that relativizes. "

If being open to the world allows them to enrich themselves personally, it is also a big plus at the professional level and in the progression of their career. Cécile, part of Brazil with her family, says: "I had an opening, a much more critical look at my country and also I saw things differently, not as systematic as the others. I continued Portuguese and after also Spanish, Italian .. today I speak 5 languages. "My level of English acquired abroad is a big plus," says Louis.