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Tourists spend more in Dubai than anywhere in the world

According to a study by Mastercard, tourists in Dubai spend the most money in the world with an average of 553 USD (AED 2,031) per day per visitor.

Looking more closely at the ranking of these expenses for 2018, we see that over the year, tourists visiting Dubai spent 30.82 billion dollars, offering Dubai the 1st place in the ranking for the 4th consecutive year. Dubai is followed by Mecca where visitors spent $ 20.09 billion last year and Bangkok and it's $ 20.03 billion spent.

According to another ranking of 200 cities worldwide, Dubai is also (and for the fifth consecutive year) the 4th most popular destination in the world with 15.93 million visitors who spent at least one-night last year. A trend that will most likely be confirmed next year with the holding in the Emirate of Expo 2020.