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Will John Wick: Chapter four bring in a lot of Matrix Actors? Here's What Chad Stahelski Says

John Wick: Chapter two introduced The Bowery King to the current world of colorful criminals, giving Keanu Reeves another chance to figure with Laurence Fishburne following their time along as modern and immortal within the potent Matrix triplet. Bowery King came during this summer’s John Wick: Chapter three - Parabellum and allied himself with the eponymic protagonist at the terribly finish of the threequel, setting the stage for John Wick: Chapter four in 2021.

Thus far no plot details for the fourth entry during this action-heavy franchise are disclosed, however, however considering however vital Laurence Fishburne has become to the current grand story, is it attainable we have a tendency to may see a lot of Matrix actors be enclosed in John Wick: Chapter four or away down the road, like Carrie-Anne bryophyte or Victor Hugo Weaving? Here’s what Chad Stahelski, the director of the primary 3 John Wick movies, had to mention on the matter.

While he won’t reveal however whether or not or not he’s directive John Wick: Chapter four, Chad Stahelski did tell ComicBookMovie that he can stay committed the franchise “in some capacity” till “probably” his career is over. therefore rest assured, he’ll have a hand in casting for John Wick: Chapter four and from now on sequels that may follow, and he sounds game to herald a lot of Matrix alumni in, provided it’s underneath the proper circumstances.