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ESPOL: the multilingual school that prepares students for international jobs

Training students in the fields of politics and the international through innovative pedagogy in a multicultural environment: this is the mission of ESPOL, European School of Political and Social Sciences. The institution, which opened in 2012 at the Catholic University of Lille, offers courses in political science and international relations, ranging from Bachelor to Master. On the program for students: a multi-lingual and interdisciplinary course, unique in its kind, and a stepping stone to international careers.

An international multilingual school
In ESPOL, the international and the multicultural are lived every day. The school is home to many international students and teachers, and its mission is to provide its students with all the tools they need to prepare them for the job market, on a European and international scale.

Language teaching thus occupies a prominent place in the curriculum, which includes a bilingual French-English training (and two programs entirely in English), the choice of a LV2 (German, Spanish or Italian), and a LV3 (Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Japanese, Portuguese or Dutch).

In order to live in full immersion European culture, "European Days" are organized within the campus, to discover a country of Europe through its politics, culture, music, cinema, gastronomy ... trip to Brussels is also organized to allow students to visit the European institutions.

And students eager for expatriation will not be left behind: with 150 partner universities, university exchange opportunities abroad are wide and very accessible (on average 86% of ESPOL students leave in exchange).

Unique teaching and innovative pedagogy
In addition to opening up internationally, ESPOL is also moving towards avant-garde teaching methods. A unique pedagogy is indeed proposed, with, in particular:

Unpublished lessons, with original and interdisciplinary courses such as "gastronomy & politics" or "music & politics".

Participatory pedagogy with role play: Theatrical performances are performed during certain classes to work on speech.

Khôlles: 30-minute oral questions in individual, on questions of course, or a quote comment, and to mobilize knowledge and develop oral and gestural expression.

Multidisciplinary training towards international careers
At ESPOL, several Licenses and Masters are offered:

The International Relations License: for an analytical and critical understanding of world politics.

The European Political Science Degree: for knowledge of Europe in all its aspects.

The Food Policy and Sustainable Development Master's degree: Food Production and Consumption Policy

The Master "Global and European Politics": Politics of a changing world

The Master "International and Security Politics": Politics of Violence and Uncertainty

The Program In European Politics, over one or two semesters.

In order to facilitate the choice of the orientation of the student, and to allow him to project himself in his future professional environment, ESPOL also offers courses of 8 weeks in License and 3 months in Master.

To support the student throughout the construction of his professional future, media training workshops are conducted and led by journalists. Students are thus trained in stress management, argumentation techniques, and speaking and gesturing (for interviews, debates, etc.).

Networking with alumni is also organized, around business workshops to help the student in the development of his CV, his cover letter, or in the preparation of job interviews. Meetings with professionals from different sectors (journalism, NGOs, Think Tanks, etc.) are also planned so that the student can discover the range of specializations available to him.

After the License or the Master, the opportunities are many: a continuation of studies in France or abroad, a position in a local authority, an NGO, an international organization, a national public authority, a company, Think Tanks ...

At the end of their studies, students are multilingual and have all the tools and knowledge they need to succeed in their professional integration in Europe and around the world.