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The best Apple iPhone deals for 2020

Apple iPhone deals
People seem either unable to live without iOS or want absolutely nothing to do with it, and that usually boils down to whether or not a person has had extensive ownership of an iPhone — which, ten years after its first launch, is still the most common smartphone in America. The famous iPad nor the MacBook nor even the Apple Watch have done as much as the iPhone to establish this brand in the minds of the world and, by 2020, you’re probably either fully in the Apple fan club or you’re out. Yet whether or not you prefer iOS over Android, the success of the iPhone is undeniable. This popularity is clearly owed to Apple’s reputation for hardware quality as well as the iPhone’s great aesthetics, sleek minimalist design, and user-friendly operating system — not to mention its continued status as a fashion symbol.

The iconic iPhone still enjoys a kingly status in the tech world today, the recent launches of excellent Android smartphones like the Google Pixel 4 notwithstanding. If you just have to have an iPhone (and aren’t interested in paying in-store prices) but you missed the big 2019 holiday sales, you’re not out of luck. The new year and the late 2019 rollout of the new iPhone 11 bring plenty of new chances to find big discounts on your next smartphone. To keep you up to date with the latest special offers, promotions, and price cuts, we’ve curated an up-to-date list of the best iPhone deals right here.